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Luxury Blue Velvet Bedroom Curtains | Edit Home


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Indulge in opulent splendor with the epitome of luxury: Edit Home’s exquisite Blue Velvet Bedroom Curtains. Elevate your living space into a realm of sophistication and grandeur, where style meets functionality. These sumptuous curtains are a harmonious blend of artistry and innovation, a symphony of beauty and practicality.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Edit Home Blue Velvet Bedroom Curtains are designed to envelop your room in an aura of elegance. The rich, crimson hue of the curtains adds a touch of royalty, infusing your space with warmth and vibrancy. The velvety texture isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a sensory delight, inviting your fingertips to caress its plush surface.

What sets these curtains apart is their dual nature – a striking aesthetic appeal coupled with supreme functionality. The blackout feature ensures that your sanctuary remains shielded from intrusive light, offering you privacy and tranquility whenever desired. Whether you’re seeking solace in a serene afternoon nap or creating the perfect cinematic ambiance for movie nights, these curtains are your impeccable companions.

Embracing individuality, Edit Home offers a range of curtain sizes to suit your unique space effortlessly. From cozy corners to spacious chambers, each curtain is customizable, reflecting your personal style and accommodating your spatial requirements.

Let your dwelling reflect your penchant for the finer things in life. With Edit Home’s Blue Velvet Bedroom Curtains, you’re not just adorning your windows; you’re adorning your lifestyle. Experience the luxury, revel in the comfort, and bask in the envious glances of admirers. Your abode deserves nothing less than the extraordinary – a statement that Edit Home proudly delivers.


Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, Red

Size (cm)

100Wx250H, 150W×250H, 200W×250H, 250Wx250H, 300W×250H, 350Wx250H, 400W×250H, 500Wx250H, 600Wx250H


Grommet Top, Hook, Pull Pleated Tape, Rod pocket

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