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Japanese Deep Frying Pot with a Thermometer and a Lid (Non-stick)



Surface light treatment for nonstick pans

Temperature monitoring for frying Not scared of being scorched

Filter before frying to reduce the amount of oil used.


Japanese Deep Frying Pot With Thermometer (Non-stick)

Practical in Use:

With our mechanical thermometer, temperature tracking is more precise and quick. Rice, fish, and other meats may all be fried in the Non-stick Cooking Pot.

Widely Applicable:

The Deep Frying Pot can be used for a number of heat sources, including coal, induction, and electric stoves.

Non-stick is a long-lasting material.

Our fryer is made of durable non-stick material and has industry-leading insulation quality, ensuring that each fry is perfect.

Cleaning Is Simple And Safe:

The Deep Frying Pot has a Japanese-style riveted curved handle that is comfortable and secure to use, clean, and store.

The detachable wire shelf makes it easy to drain excess oil from food.

A recommended oil level line on the fryer’s body indicates the right amount of oil to use, meaning that you use the correct amount.


Since this is a manual calculation, please prepare for a 1-3mm mistake.

Please double-check that you do not mind before bidding.
Please understand that the colour can vary due to differences in display.

Application: Electric stove, induction cookers, and gas stoves.
Key Features: Splash-proof, convenient oil filtering, easy cleaning.


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