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Honeycomb Ice Cube Tray 37 Cubes Kitchen


Colour: White Ice Cube Tray

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Honeycomb Ice Cube Tray 37 Cubes | Edit Home UK

 Description: Material:Silicone Size:20.5*12*2cm Quantity:1*Ice Cream Mold

1. Made from 100% BPA Free non toxic food grade silicone ice lump mold safety durability, environmental protection and innocuity.

2. Soft, elastic, non-cracking, non-deformation, can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.

 3. The ice lump mold with soft silicone materials won’t be cracked after long freezing, slot design for stacking easily in the freezer.

4. The ice lump mold can reusable, non-stick surface, hands do not need to touch ice, more hygienic.

     5. Each flat cube compartment is self-contained and can be easily pushed out from the bottom, with 37 cubic creative silicone honeycomb molds to produce more ice lumps.

6.It can also be used as sugar mold, chocolate and ice cream making tools. White Colour

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5 in stock